BloomsdayThe second annual Bloomsday celebrations to be held in Greystones this year was launched at a reception in the Library on Tuesday 4th June 2013

The event organised by the La Touche Legacy in conjunction with Restaurants/Cafes and Delgany ICA Drama and Creative Writing groups will be held on Sunday June 16th, 12-6pm

George Jones Chairman of the La Touche Legacy said he was delighted that once more we would celebrate Bloomsday and acknowledge the central role James Joyce placed in the cultural history of this country.

George took the opportunity to congratulate the organisers of Gourmet Greystones and the recently concluded Arts Festival, both events besides giving great entertainment to the community provided huge business to the commercial operators in the Town. Bloomsday would once more showcase Greystones as the “eating capital of the East Coast”

 The Chairman thanked the participating restaurants and cafes and Delgany ICA groups would this year will be joined by male actors from Martello productions and Greystones Creative Writers Group George urged the community to dress up in the fashion of the Joyce period and to join with us on Sunday June 16th between 12-2 in the restaurants for some food and readings from Joyce.

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