Dr McGing will give a lecture at the 6th Festival of History – 31st La Touche Legacy Weekend as part of the theme ‘Ireland through the Turbulent 30’s’ on Friday 13th @ 17.15pm

A human geographer by background with a focus on gender/feminist geography, Claire has lectured in the NUI Geography Department.  Her main research interests lie in the history and operation of male gendered organisational cultures, particularly Irish political parties, and the measures that can be taken to support women and to promote gender equality in such environments.  Most recent research focuses on the early history of women in Dáil Ēireann.  Claire has published several articles and book chapters on gender representation in Irish politics, including co written chapters in the prestigious ‘How Ireland Voted’ series in 2011 and 2016.

6th Festival of History – Friday 13th and Saturday 14th 2019:  Greystones Golf Club, The Burnaby, Greystones

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